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Tape to DVD Conversion
You recorded your special family moments to make sure they lasted forever, so why let them die out as technology advances! Convert your special memories to digital format and preserve your memories forever! Choose from receiving DVD copies of your recordings or the file themselves so you can watch your home videos back on your PC or tablet!

VHS was the most popular recording medium before digital formats became widespread, but as these tapes age they become more and more prone to damage each time that they are played. As time advances and VHS players become harder to source or replace you may not even be able to watch your surviving tapes. Don't run the risk - convert your VHS tapes to DVD today!

Cine Film and other formats
You aren't just limited to saving VHS tapes, at Disking we can convert VHS-C, hi8, miniDV tapes, Audio Cassette, Vinyl and others to digital formats. We can also now convert Cine Film reels to DVD or digital format! If you have any other formats you would like to convert, please give us a call!

Slides and Home Photos
Disking don't just convert video, we can also convert slides and home photographs to digital so that they can be re-printed or edited without damaging the original product!

Service Prices

Contact stuart@disking.co.uk for all pricing enquiries.