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Antec Aerocool QC-203 Case
Aerocool QC-203 Micro ATX Case, No PSU, 8cm Fan, USB 3.0, Black
In Stock
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  • micro ATX Configuration
  • 365 x 173 x 368mm
  • 2x 5.25, 2x 3.5, 1x 2.5
  • no PSU
Antec GX-200 Gaming case
Antec GX-200 Gaming Case with Window, ATX, No PSU, USB 3.0, Tool-less, Blue LED Fans, Black
Low Stock
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  • Full ATX Configuration
  • 185 x 412 x 450 mm
  • 1x 5.25, 4x 3.5,1x 2.5
  • no PSU
Antec NSK3100
Like its award winning predecessor, the NSK3100 was designed to compliment any home or office with its black matte exterior and sleek front bezel with indirect intake vents.
Available to order
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  • microATX Configuration
  • 360 x 180 x 411mm
  • 2x 3.5, 1x 3.5, 1x 2.5
  • no PSU
Cooler Master Cosmos II 25th
The COSMOS 2 25th Aniversary Edition in Black & Silver. It features a streamlined design accentuated by a pair of distinctive handles like no other. The Curved Tempered glass side panels unlock and swing open like the doors of a luxurious race-car.
Available to order
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  • Black & Silver Edition
  • Curved Temp Glass
  • 23Kg
  • W34.4 D66.4 H70.4cm
Cooler Master Elite 110
The Elite 110 is a mini cube compact case with support for full size standard desktop components. Other than the conventional mini-ITX case, the Elite 110 supports ample storage up to 3 HDDs /4 SSDs and you can even install a 120mm radiator in the front for extreme cool
Available to order
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  • Mini-ITX
  • Cube Case
  • 2 x USB 3.0
  • D28 H21 W26 CM
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